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“Results are earned not given”

We are so proud of our client Amy and her effort completely changing her body and life.


Our clients often say “I wish I would have started sooner”. Get off the sideline and get in the game…You can do it.

4th Annual AHT 5K

4th Annual Advanced Health Training 5K hosted by Cedar Chase Golf Club | Sign up today!

Another Life Transformed

Learn how Heather has transformed her life from the inside out...

Top 4 Nutrition Tips

To achieve the results you are looking for you need to look at what you are fueling your body with. Check our our top four tips to achieve a healthy lifestyle!

Let's Go Bryan!

We are so proud of our client Bryan as he has lost over 50lbs since starting in January. After being deemed a “walking heart attack” by his doctor he got ahold of us to get his health back on track…

The new AHT is here!

I started Advanced Health Training in 2015 during my senior of college with the goal of helping people transform their lives. I knew what I wanted to do and become, but no clear vision of how to get there…

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