The new AHT is here!
The new AHT is here!

Revitalizing Our Image: A 7-Year Evolution at Advanced Health Training – Unveiling a New Logo and Website that Resonates with Our Passion for Transforming Lives!

Jake Siegel

June 27, 2022
new Advanced Health Training logo

Welcome to the new Advanced Health Training

I started Advanced Health Training in 2015 during my senior of college with the goal of helping people transform their lives. I knew what I wanted to do and become, but no clear vision of how to get there…

In the early stages I didn’t care at all about terms like “marketing” or “branding”. I simply wanted to help as many people as I could get in the best shape of their life! 7 years later, I felt that the current logo and website did not accurately reflect what we are or what we do…

So, I set out to create a logo that screamed “personal trainers” and a website I was proud to share. I feel that we have achieved both of those goals with our new graphics/website and I am so happy to reveal the changes!

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