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Success Stories at Advanced Health Training: Inspiring Transformations

Real People, Real Results

Welcome to our Success Stories page, where real individuals share their inspiring journeys of transformation with Advanced Health Training. Discover firsthand accounts of triumph over challenges, dedication to wellness, and the incredible impact our programs have had on people's lives.

Celebrating Achievements, Big and Small: From weight loss milestones to increased energy levels, our Success Stories highlight a diverse range of achievements. Celebrate the victories, both big and small, as individuals share how they've overcome obstacles and reached their health and fitness goals.

Real People, Real Results: Meet the faces behind the success. Our Success Stories feature real people who have embraced the Advanced Health Training experience and witnessed tangible, life-changing results. Their stories serve as a testament to the effectiveness of our programs and the dedication of our community.

success story of john through nutrition and personal training


Over the past five years, John has been a committed client, achieving significant fitness milestones. He successfully shed over 35 pounds, reducing his body fat by an impressive 10%. John's fitness journey included participating in two weekly personal training sessions and regularly attending Saturday boot camp classes. His progress is attributed to consistent adherence to a balanced diet and lifestyle, avoiding gimmicky plans in favor of sustainable and lasting results.

Read his success story here!

success story bryan lost 55 pounds with personal training

Bryan D.

Bryan has lost over 55lbs and over 10% bodyfat. Once deemed by his doctor as a “walking heart attack”, he has now completely transformed his body inside and out.

success story Jodi lost 60 pounds with personal training

Jodi V.

Jodi has lost over 60lbs and has also built strength and improved her muscle tone.

success story Chiara lost 35 pounds with personal training

Chiara A.

Chiara has lost over 35lbs and has built strength and improved her muscle tone.

success story Jordan lost 30 pounds with personal training

Jordan V.

Jordan has lost over 30lbs and over 7% body fat since starting. He has built a great amount of strength and muscle mass.

success story Rebekah has lost 15 pounds with personal training

Rebekah L.

Bekah has lost over 15lbs and has improved her physique by focusing mainly on strength training.

success story Julie lost 35 pounds with personal training

Julie V.

Julie has lost over 35lbs since starting and has improved her muscle tone.

success story Tana has built muscle with personal training

Tana J.

Tana started with us with the goal of building muscle and putting on weight. She has put on lean muscle and has improved her confidence immensely.

success story Mario lost 30 pounds with personal training

Mario F.

Mario has lost over 30lbs and over 7% bodyfat since starting.

success story Dave lost 50 pounds with personal training

Dave J.

Dave has completely transformed his life losing over 50lbs since starting.

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